Is Your Tree Under the Weather?

Find tree disease identification services in Colorado Springs, CO

When was the last time your tree had a check-up? Call Willis Timber Works LLC of Colorado Springs, CO to schedule an appointment with our ISA Certified Arborist. He can complete an evaluation to diagnose your trees and determine the best way to treat them.

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Common Insects & Diseases in Colorado

Common Insects & Diseases in Colorado

Tree sicknesses aren’t always easy to identify. That’s where we come in. Willis Timber Works can identify a wide range of tree infections, including:

  • Mountain Pine Beetles - Beetles that inhabit ponderosa, whitebark, lodgepole and other pine trees. They chew into the bark of the tree and attract other beetles to attack a host tree and surrounding trees.
  • Ips Bark Beetles - Insects that bore into the bark and form colonies within weakened pine trees. The needles of the pine tree wilt and die and the crown changes from green to red brown.
  • Dwarf Mistletoe - Parasites growing on pine trees that slow tree growth, reduce seed production and diminish wood quality.
  • Cytospora Canker - A fungus that affects woody trees and shrubs. It forms a girdle around the plant, which kills off the parts of the plant above the canker.

Consult with Willis Timber Works about the condition of your tree, and we’ll find a solution for you.