Who Offers Tree Pruning in Colorado Springs, CO?

Turn to Willis Timber Works for reliable pruning services

Trees never grow exactly the way you want them to. If they’re growing a little too close to your home or getting in the way of your perfect mountain view, let Willis Timber Works LLC of Colorado Springs, CO manage them for you. We offer a variety of pruning services to address the health and appearance of your trees.

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Pruning for your tree’s specific needs

Pruning for your tree’s specific needs

All trees are different, so one type of pruning couldn’t possibly meet all your trees’ needs. Here are a few of the pruning techniques we’ll use to enhance your trees:

  • Pollarding to promote a denser canopy
  • Vista pruning to maintain or enhance your view of the landscape
  • Crown and canopy thinning to prevent your trees from falling or breaking during storms
  • Directional or formative pruning to prevent your trees from obstructing pathways or objects

You can count on Willis Timber Works to manage your tree limbs with pruning services.