Landscaping, Habitat Improvement, & Forest Management

Landscaping, Habitat Improvement, & Forest Management

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You don't need to be an arborist to know you can't grow pineapple trees in Colorado. Extreme temperature fluctuations, high altitude sun, dry winds, and marginal alkaline soils all combine to limit landscaping options. However, a certified arborist from Willis Timber Works can give you a handsome, exquisitely landscaped yard that will prevail and prosper, despite all Mother Nature throws at Colorado Springs. The Colorado Blue Spruce, while beautiful, is not the only tree that will grow here. We will proactively plan with you to maximize your yard's potential. Trees are glorious!

Habitat improvement is landscaping that looks natural and its not just for trees. Improved habitat encourages animals and birds to settle in your yard as well as enhancing tree growth. The Willis Timber Works arborist can make your wooded areas come alive. The changes may be subtle but the results will be dramatic. A side benefit of habitat improvement is fire mitigation; a healthy habitat is better able to resist fires. You can do your part to better the environment and Willis Timber Works can help.

Modern forests don't just grow, they are managed for optimal timber yield. Removing deadfalls, cutting stunted trees, and trimming dead limbs all enhance tree growth and mitigate the spread of debilitating forest fires. Additionally, a forest management plan, authored and implemented by a Willis Timber Works ISA Certified Arborist, can be invaluable in the event of an IRS audit, to demonstrate that your forest is a true, meaningful project and not just a tree growing hobby. Can you afford to be without a forest management plan? Call us.


Willis Timber Works will turn that old, dead tree into mulch for your garden. Our process will can take a natural resource to help you beautify your yard. We also offer free mulch chips from previously ground up trees to our customers for landscaping projects. Call us today for more details.

Residential Snow Removal

Colorado winter can be intense, but be prepared by calling Willis Timber Works for our snow removal service. We can help you clear driveways and sidewalks so you can safely get to where you need to go.