Do Away With Flammable Materials

Complete a fire mitigation service in Colorado Springs, CO

With all those dry leaves and branches in your yard, your lawn is the perfect place for a fire to spark and spread. Willis Timber Works LLC of Colorado Springs, CO can help you avoid fires with fire mitigation services. We can maintain the trees and bushes on your property and pick up material in your yard to make it less susceptible to the spread of fire.

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Prevent fires on your property

Prevent fires on your property

Given the right conditions, your property could be threatened by a blazing fire in a split second. Let us minimize the risk of a fire on your property. Our fire mitigation services include:

  • Determining which trees should be removed from your property
  • Removing pine needles, leaves and debris from the ground
  • Pruning lower branches and reducing ladder fuels
  • Inspecting your home for flammable materials
  • Removing dead, diseased and weakened trees
  • Removing undergrowth and brush

Let Willis Timber Works LLC help you prevent fires on your property.