Fire mitigation: Fuels reduction

Fuels reduction is an essential step landowners must consider as part of their land management portfolio. In many cases, our forests of the Colorado front range are unnaturally dense due to a century of fire suppression and control. Before we moved into the forested mountain landscape, it was characterized by low-intensity periodic wildfires that kept vegetation largely at a optimal density and health. These fires not only prevented the immense, catastrophic wildfires we more commonly experience today, they created better habitats for wildlife and reduced forest susceptibility to disease and insect outbreaks.

Tyler at Willis Timberworks will visit with you to discuss mechanical treatment of the trees on your property to thin out and build an initial level of protection against wildfire. He employs large equipment to cut down and chip up your excess trees from thinning operations and sometimes pile burning. As a result, the remaining trees on your property will better be able to exploit limited nutrients and are more resistant to insects and disease.